Developing a Design
That Outlasts
the Elements

Parks & People Auchentoroly Terrace


  • Wayfinding and signage design
  • Branding
  • Project Management
  • Fabrication Management

Designing an experience for park-goers that will outlast the elements and carry on Parks and People’s mission to better the community.


Emphasizing an Important Landmark

The Auchentoroly Terrace is a walkable neighborhood that sits along the west side of Druid Hill Park in Baltimore. The Parks and People Foundation asked Orange Element to create the interpretation and wayfinding signage, donor wall, and entrance sign to help tell the story and meaning of the campus.


Designing for the Outdoors

The display exhibits and wayfinding signage needed to showcase the narrative of the campus while blending in with the natural environment surrounding it. Because these materials would be placed outside, they’d be at risk of damage from weather, insects, erosion, and other natural factors. We were tasked with creating a system that could weather all four seasons and the potential , like vandalism. The donor wall required multiple design considerations to showcase individual, private and corporate donors in a unique way.


Embracing Innovative Processes

Knowing we had to select materials that could withstand the elements, our research led us to an ancient process called shou sugi ban, or charring the wood, to protect our work from natural threats, like weather and bugs. In addition to finding durable materials, we used natural pieces like wood columns to match Parks and People’s brand. The donor wall was erected using Parks and People’s brick visual identity, tastefully displaying all monetary donors while staying on brand.


Establishing a Place for the Community

Now, residents can visit the terrace and surrounding area and understand what it means to the community. Our design is versatile, yet unobtrusive, allowing Parks and People’s mission to extend forward in this green space.

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