Giving a Brand
a Voice to Appreciate
Its Customers

OneMain Customer + Community Appreciation Days


  • Event branding
  • Strategy and rollout
  • Concept and creative development
  • Multichannel outreach
  • Fulfillment and vendor management

Keeping customers engaged by offering a fresh perspective on existing and new products each year through unique event branding.


Celebrating Customers and Their Community

Each year, OneMain invites customers to enjoy a series of events and product offers to celebrate simply being a OneMain customer. There are two events during the year to celebrate this relationship and their communities: Community Appreciation Days in May and Customer Appreciation Days in November. We plan for engagement and multi-channel promotion in the months leading up to each celebration.


Keeping It Fresh Every Year

OneMain offers each customer an opportunity to customize a unique, personal loan solution that works for their individual needs. Each year, we are challenged to come up with new strategies and creative packages to help support these products and communicate a unique one-to-one relationship while highlighting the celebratory nature of the branch events.


Maintaining the Brand

Our process includes three parts: strategy, development, and promotion. During this entire project, we must keep in mind the event materials can stretch brand parameters to include a more celebratory style, but still must be a recognizable OneMain product and event. The materials must also easily translate from direct mail to point of sale to e-mail, ensuring customers understand the many possibilities that can benefit their own personal situations and needs.


Engaging Customers Online and Off

Bringing a new energy to OneMain’s seasonal CAD campaign branding has in turn brought increased traffic and loan bookings to branches during the promotional period. Engagement continues to rise, both from an employee and customer perspective, and the most recent campaign has seen nearly 10k sweepstakes entries and over 30k page views in the first two weeks. A true focus on the customer has brought new life to CAD, and the numbers only begin to tell the story.

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