Amplifying a Global
Campaign’s Voice

ONE Poverty is Sexist Campaign


  • Brand audit
  • Identity
  • Design
  • Brand development
  • Publication
  • Collateral

Developing an integrated and flexible campaign and identity that allows a global mission to extend across channels, reaching key donors and stakeholders.


A Campaign as Big as Its Mission

ONE is a global nonprofit organization advocating for action against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. As an effort to improve accessibility to education for girls all around the world, ONE created the Poverty is Sexist campaign, which launched a year prior to Orange Element’s collaboration with this project.


Finding a Way to Tell the World

This massive effort required a strong narrative and identity to rally global support and awareness—ONE needed help tackling both. While the campaign and its mission were a huge success after the initial launch, ONE realized they needed to apply it across channels to enrich the campaign. Our job was to get it off the ground; they brought us in to help strengthen the core of the campaign and launch it to a wider audience.


Design That Empowers the Mission

We knew we had to keep the same spirit and energy with our updated design, but make it more adaptable for other materials. We picked a typeface that had personality and energy—one that could represent the women affected by poverty worldwide. The design ultimately illustrated that women are disproportionately affected by poverty compared to men due to limited resources and lack of opportunities. Our choices gave the Poverty is Sexist campaign a chance to be heard on multiple outlets. The final solution included a visual language that retained elements that had already been created and extended throughout social media images and other marketing channels.


A Cohesive Campaign

Our updated style guidelines paved the way for additional collateral within the campaign, including advertising and social media assets. In addition to their design changes, our team was also able to launch the report by their desired deadline, International Women’s Day in 2016. Our efforts have not only helped ONE organize and design their narrative in a compelling way, but communicate their mission across the world.

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