A Publication (Almost)
as Important as
the Client Itself

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Biennial


  • Print production
  • Photography
  • Art direction
  • Vendor management
  • Design

Compiling two years of content isn’t only important for Johns Hopkins nurses, but for hospitals across the nation.


Showcasing Achievements

For its second year, the Johns Hopkins University nursing department wanted a compelling piece to showcase their achievements and goals between 2014 to 2016. The biennial report is an opportunity to present their strategic priorities across Hopkins and other hospitals in the country, while featuring nurses in various departments. It’s not only a tool that rallies nurses around a common goal, but a publication that reveals their impressive status within the healthcare industry.


Organizing Two Years of Data

In addition to the visual design of the report, we needed a system to incorporate six organizational priorities between 2014 and 2016, as well as their future goals for the next two years. These goals extended across different nursing units at Hopkins, so the report required a fair representation of the diverse accomplishments within the nursing department.


Developing a Flexible Grid System

Our team designed a dynamic grid system that allowed us to feature multiple photos on the cover and spreads. This added a layer of complexity and narrative to the magazine, using multiple angles and photos to tell everyone’s story.


Illustrating Progress and Achievements

The result was a dynamic system that allowed us to incorporate different angles for unique photos, never having one nursing unit outshine the other. The nursing department’s current and future priorities were highlighted, allowing hospital employees to work towards this common goal.

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