Grander Capital Partners, LLC

New Client Announcement: Grander Capital Partners


Orange Element is proud to announce a new partnership with Boston-based real estate investment company Grander Capital Partners, LLC. With 50+ years of combined experience evaluating and operating commercial real estate, Grander Capital Partners (GCP) seeks investment opportunities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic commercial real estate markets, with a current portfolio of over 2.6 million square feet across 28 buildings.


Orange Element was hired by GCP to modernize and enhance their digital presence, beginning with a new website that will support business validation, portfolio depth, and an expert knowledge base geared towards acquisition, investor relations, and property management. GCP prides itself on underwriting each opportunity to a business plan that leverages their competitive advantage to increase the value of an asset. They look at each opportunity with an eye toward physical and economic improvement, which is an advantage that needs to be clearly communicated throughout the new website.


Orange Element is currently working through immersion and development for the user experience (UX) strategy and user interface (UI) design of GCP’s website, to generate more traction and visibility through clean search engine optimization, UX optimization and site efficiencies.


“We like our work to do the heavy lifting. Being responsive, fairly priced, and focused on the same collaborative and identified goals will continue to build our trusted partnership,” says Aaron Moore, CEO of Orange Element. “Once the website is complete, we plan to start conversations around shoring up brand attributes and exploring digital strategies to increase awareness and expand reach.” adds Moore.


Grander Capital Partners, LLC



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