New Client Announcement: Bankers Healthcare Group

bankers healthcare group

Orange Element is proud to announce a new client partnership with Bankers Healthcare Group. Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG) is a nationwide trusted partner that focuses primarily on providing innovative financial solutions to professionals. Over the past two decades, BHG has grown to surpass $5 billion in total funded loans, and has won numerous awards and accolades for continued growth and innovation, including recognition from Inc. 13 times.


“We were invited in to meet with several members of their growing internal marketing team in late 2019. It was refreshing, impressive, and obvious, to witness a culture driven by values that include collaboration and a focused set of goals,” says Aaron Moore, CEO of Orange Element.


Orange Element, a boutique branding and marketing agency, will support BHG’s marketing team and efforts by providing services to further enhance direct mail and direct response channels, building on strategies that offer solutions to specific customer profiles.


“We are not large enough to be an agency of record, per se, and that’s okay for us” says Caroline Torba, COO of Orange Element. “For companies like BHG, we offer value by lending a hand to internal marketing teams when they are at capacity or need some fresh perspective,” she adds.


Orange Element is currently working through immersion and development for initial custom direct mail packages, to improve personalization, acting as an extension of BHG’s marketing team and offering value where and when it makes sense.


“We like our work to do the heavy lifting. Being responsive, fairly priced, and focused on the same collaborative and identified goals will hopefully continue to build our trusted partnership,” says Aaron.


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