B’More Saucy: Brand Of The Week

In this week’s Brand of the Week, we enlisted a Baltimore favorite: B’more Saucy. This company is focused on creating products that capture the culinary spirit of the Maryland region. Their condiments are designed to enhance customer’s eating experience—no matter the meal. Our team had the opportunity to immerse ourselves into B’more Saucy’s overall branding strategy by taking a look at the digital user experience and the visual design of their two products, the Bayside Pepper Sauce and the Little Pearl Hot Sauce. Read our thoughts below.

“For product placement, my strategy suggestion is two-fold. First, increase consumer’s opportunity to sample this product. Distribute your sauces to local Tex-Mex restaurants, taco trucks, Bloody Mary brunch bars, oyster bars and beyond. Once the consumer has the opportunity to try this delicious sauce, they will then search where to buy it. This brings us to the second step: increasing retailer relations. Distribute to established markets and specialty food stores in the Baltimore area. The goal should be to make it easy for the sauce fan to purchase a bottle (or three) of B’more Saucy once they run out. This strategy will increase general awareness, touch points with the consumer, and, ultimately, sales.” –Jaclynn

“My favorite part about B’More Saucy’s Bayside Pepper Sauce (aside from the incredible taste) is the visual texture — man does this sauce look good inside those glass bottles. The online experience could use more of this visual draw. When I’m on their website and come across photographs of the B’More Saucy sauces in the wild, I find myself wanting to see more. They should consider strengthening their web presence with a more visually stimulating experience and using more brand elements to make the site feel unique to B’More Saucy. Oh, and an interactive map that shows us where to hunt down these sauces would be dangerously helpful.” – Nicolette

“B’More Saucy packs a punch and its packaging should too. Using glass jars to show off the color and texture of the sauces is a good choice, but the beige color of the label gets a little lost against the reddish-orange color of the sauce behind it. They could try a color on the label like matte black to really contrast with the shiny glass and colorful product. Pair that with some bold type — and maybe even turn the orange part of the logo into a cut-out that shows the sauce behind it — and I’d definitely look twice at the bottle on a shelf. “ –Megan

“As a Baltimore brand that embraces its roots, B’More Saucy has a strong opportunity to partner with other local products and events to extend its reach. While it already collaborates with Baltimore in a Box, relationships with companies like Old Bay, Route One Apparel and Berger Cookies can broaden their fanbase by the thousands. Even creating a presence at popular events like Seafood Fest and oyster festivals would generate more awareness and interest. We all know Marylanders take pride in their state and the cuisines that come with it, so these opportunities would be advantageous for their company.

To amp up their digital marketing efforts, their team can launch shoppable Instagram ads, making the path to purchase that much easier for their interested consumers. If they haven’t done so already, including special offers and recipe ideas in email newsletters is another way to link to their online store or Amazon to increase sales. Lastly, setting up Snapchat geo-filters around popular seafood bars in the area can create more awareness for their product to those who are most likely to buy.” –Hannah

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