100 days ’til 2021

“Working out the kinks today will make for a better tomorrow.”

I cracked open a fortune cookie and found this message serving me as a stark reminder that the best plans take time to develop. When one-day-at-a-time is about all that many businesses can muster right now, let this post serve as a friendly kick in your tuchus to get moving. With just over 100 days left in the calendar year, and a few holidays to navigate, it seems to me that the time is right now to start planning for a better 2021.


How are you mapping out the next 100 days?

Our ask is that you continue to support movements focused on ending systemic racism, and urge everyone to make sure that they cast their vote. And on the business front, our hope is that you will use your time efficiently by working smarter and focusing on your business. To get you moving, here are a few ideas to start now and complete before the end of the year.

A website refresh
If you start now, you can welcome your prospects to a new site by January 2021. First, understand your site goals and required assets. Know your budget and share it so you can find the right builders. Check out our website checklist.

Boost your brand through digital marketing
Create a new campaign and channel strategy to introduce prospects (and customers) to new services and products. Set a campaign budget and stick to it for 3-6 months. Looking to boost your online campaigns? Read this.

A brand pivot
Strengthen your market position by rebuilding or expanding on your weakest brand assets. Take the time now to re-introduce your offer to existing and former customers.


What’s our take?

The team at Orange Element has enjoyed a few silver linings over the past six months. We’ve kept our operational footprint lean by committing to an efficient remote agency model. And we’ve solidified several new partnerships with independent experts to help us offer more support with content marketing, PR, programmatic advertising, videography and robust website builds. It’s working for us. And it’s really working for our clients.

As 2021 approaches, we will continue to focus on building relationships earned through trust, integrity, accountability and creativity.