Our Newest Partnership: Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

Where Children Go to Heal and Grow

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH) to brand and promote their annual fundraising event. MWPH was opened in 1922 as a sanctuary for children to safely recover from illness and injury. Its mission, curated by the hospital’s founder, remains held true: to improve the health, well-being, and independence of all children who are ill, injured or in need of help. 

The hospital prides itself as a leader in pediatric healthcare, distinguished by its quality of care, service excellence, innovation, family approach, multidisciplinary approach, and an outstanding workforce. MWPH is proudly affiliated with the University of Maryland Medical System as well as Johns Hopkins Medicine and treats nearly 9,000 children every year. 

The 7th Annual Storybook Gala

Orange Element was recently commissioned by MWPH to brand and promote their 7th annual Storybook Gala. We really could not be more excited to dive right in! We can’t reveal this year’s theme quite yet, but previous themes include “Where the Wild Things Are” and “Alice in Wonderland”. Do you have any ideas of what this year’s theme might be? 

This gala is an essential part of the hospital’s fundraising initiative. To date, the gala has managed to raise over $1.6 million. This money has helped provide support to children who are receiving inpatient and outpatient care from MWPH. As most patients receive Medicaid, funds from the Storybook Gala also help bridge the gap between insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs. 

Understanding the breadth of impact that hospital caregivers have on patients and their families truly illustrate not only the gala’s mission but the hospital’s as well. At last year’s gala, guests were presented with the story of a patient named Taurian, who sustained severe burns while saving his family from a house fire. His dreams of playing football were held intact by the intensive and passionate care he received from doctors and nurses at MWPH. Stories like Taurian are made possible by funding from galas such as this one paired with the hard work and passion of the hospital’s caregivers.

A Very Special Evening

The team at MWPH has high hopes for the upcoming gala, aiming to raise more than last year’s record year at more than $345,000. “Every year, we aim to heighten the whimsical design and feel to this gala, as we try to pull our crowd into the storybook,” said Andy Wayne, Director of Marketing and Communications at MWPH. “We’re excited about the new partnership with Orange Element- the team is already making the great theme come alive. Gala guests will surely be treated to a very special evening.” If you’re curious about the theme, logo, and branding for next year’s gala, keep your eyes on their social media accounts for the big reveal! 

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