What is Font Hour?

Every month, Orange Element gathers for a friendly competition known as “Font Hour” (also known as #FontHour for our social friends). Everyone on the team brings a new typeface they feel would strengthen our creative work and overall type collection. After discussing the history, style, unique qualities and features of each typeface, we vote on our top three favorites. We are a passionate crew at Orange Element, which shows as we decide on a winner each month.

Font Hour has been a long standing tradition at OE, but in 2015, our Design Director Andy Bonner decided to take it a step further by initiating the “Year of Type” as a fun (and necessary) outlet for our team. For our 2016 “Year of Type: Take 2,” we wanted a bigger, better, and more consistent presence. In 2016, we’ve taken a Skillshare class on hand-lettering, and are looking forward to an upcoming field trip to the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

Type-driven events like these have established a channel for creative energy and collaboration away from our computers, making us a more well-rounded team. I’ve learned to cultivate and expand my font selections, which has allowed me to grow into a better designer and, therefore, a stronger team member.

Growing our typography collection is fundamental to our design approach at Orange Element. In this ever-changing age of technology, designers have to stay up-to-date on current trends, new and updated programs, and the evolving web. The type collections being released today are becoming more versatile and accessible—while we love the classics, they aren’t always as legible in a digital platform or accompanied by a web-version. Font Hour has become a way for us to stay educated, creative, and continue to grow our design expertise.

We continue to find inspiration in all things type here at OE, and we hope you join the adventure with us!

If you’re interested in a quick guide on typography, check out Type Terms. Share this post on Facebook, make sure to tag us, and let us know what font you’d bring to our August Font Hour! We’d love to hear from you!

Here are the fonts we’ve chosen so far this year:
January — Qanelas & Qanelas Soft
February — Haboro  Slab & Dense
March —  Brandon Printed
April — Eponymous
May — Pensum Pro
June — Rift
July/August — Camila & Greycliff