7 Questions With Hannah Spurrier

Our Content Developer, Hannah Spurrier, is involved in almost all of our projects, whether that’s writing copy for clients or creating content for OE internally. She works closely with me and the directors to come up with strategically-driven plans and concepts of all shapes and sizes.

Hannah is the newest addition to the OE team and I was lucky enough to have the first opportunity to sit down and get to know a little more about her. Enjoy!

Nicolette: I’ve been living in Baltimore for over a decade now and I still can’t get enough of it. What’s your favorite thing about living in Baltimore? 
Hannah: I like how everything is so close and that “city-feel” while still being close to water. Even though it’s gross water. But I grew up on the water so it’s nice to know a part of home is here.

I followed her lead and started writing some quality novels in my composition notebooks in elementary school and it snowballed from there.

Sunday (day not night—Sunday nights are the worst. 2nd only to Mondays, of course) is probably my favorite day of the week—especially in the fall. I’m curious, what is a typical Sunday for you?
Well it’s football season now, so I spend my days yelling at the Eagles on TV. Usually in my pajamas which I wear all day through the next morning, while clenching onto my Eagles pillow pet. When it’s not football season, I usually binge-watch Law and Order SVU all day.

We pretty much have the same Sundays – except I would never be caught watching an Eagles game (Go Ravens!). Well you better prepare yourself for December 18th, we’re comin’ for ya!

I’ve always avoided writing whenever possible (how did I get signed up for this?). When did you know that you were good at writing and wanted it to be major part of your career?
My cousin Jennie is a TV writer in LA and I’ve always looked up to her for lots of things (like being an Eagles fan). I guess I followed her lead and started writing some quality novels in my composition notebooks in elementary school and it snowballed from there. I’ve always helped friends edit their essays or attempted to write novels based on my crazy dreams. I even have a personal blog I keep up (don’t look it up, please!). But during my undergrad days at JMU, I realized journalism wasn’t the exact route I wanted to take, so I hopped on the content marketing wagon at Georgetown and here I am.

Hannah as a young girl on the beach wearing upside-down sunglasses.

I’m always fascinated with the similarities between adults and their pre-puberty selves. What was 6-year-old Hannah like?
My nana used to call me “Mo” because I was always in motion, moving around. I’m definitely still like that to this day – I need things to happen quickly, so I’m always bopping around, thinking about what needs to happen next. I was also surprisingly photogenic as a child; like weird, beauty poses I probably copied from my mom’s Vanity Fair magazines. But I definitely outgrew that trait.

I can definitely agree with your nana on the nickname—you work very quickly! Speaking of, what project are you working on now that you are most excited about?
I’m having so much fun writing up the new OE website updates. It’s cool to have a hand in something so integral to the company while learning about the personality and tenets of Orange Element—and that puns are not always OK to plaster on the homepage.

If someone were to describe you in three words, what would you want them to say?
What do I want them to say or what would they say? Well, if I want them to describe me, I’d definitely want to be known as kind, smart and generous. I always try to make sure I’m nice to everyone. But I think they’d first describe me as weird, emotional and creative. Yes, I said emotional. I can go from happy, pizza-eating Hannah to crying at that Amazon commercial with the dog.

I become an emotional mess every time I see that commercial. At this point I’m pretty sure I’d break out in tears if I simply hear the song (“I wish I could ask you…” …please stop) 

It’s been a longggg time since I’ve been an orange newbie, what’s it like to be introduced to OE in 2016?
It was definitely intimidating, especially since this is such a close-knit crew. But I was welcomed with open arms and lots of Bagby pizza so it’s been awesome. And it’s a lot different than my last job, but it’s a good different. A change in the right direction.


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