Why Should You Use WordPress?

Are you considering WordPress or another content management system (CMS) for an upcoming website build? If you ask our design team, they will all cast their votes for WordPress, a CMS platform that powers 27% of the internet. Many of our web development projects are built using WordPress because of its functionality and ease-of-use. In fact, that’s what our website uses too. Thanks to features that simplify frontend and backend page building, our team can easily drag and drop page features to create beautiful, responsive websites. Even the most technologically-challenged member of your team can manage its simple content grids and mobile-ready layouts.

Still don’t believe us? In the post below, our partner Brian Singer, Founder and Principal at Foxtrot Media, reveals why WordPress (and all of its features) is the best choice for most website builds.


While your logo and brand are at the center of your marketing universe, your website is the center of your digital marketing universe. It is the place to establish your tone, appeal to your customers and keep your brand relevant. Shouldn’t you be able to edit it on your own? Shouldn’t it be easy?


Business owners and marketers need to edit their website, and they don’t want to have to call a developer every time they need to do so. It’s inefficient, aggravating and potentially expensive. This is where a Content Management System (CMS) comes in: a tool to allow website owners to control their website.

Because when we hand over a WordPress site to a customer, we don’t hear from them for help!

We’ve been working with CMS systems for over 10 years, and we believe WordPress is the best. Why? Because when we hand over a WordPress site to a customer, we don’t hear from them for help!

That’s not to say we don’t want to hear from them. We just want them to use and update the website without our help and we’ve had the greatest success with WordPress. With WordPress, we have given them more than a website—we have given them a marketing platform to give their brand and company a voice.

Beyond the ease of administration, WordPress is also boasts a few other great features:

  • It’s Open Source, which means hundreds of people all over the world are working on it and you don’t have to pay anyone a license fee;
  • It’s amazing for SEO and social, and makes it easy to create keyword-enriched meta descriptions and titles;
  • It has a huge development community, used on over ten million websites; and
  • It’s constantly being updated for security protection with 50 Security Team experts monitoring sites and software. It’s no wonder it powers more than 20% of the web.

While it’s not the right fit for every project, we believe it’s a great fit for most.

Brian Singer is the President of Foxtrot Media, a WordPress Development and Hosting Firm in Baltimore, MD.