EnerBee: Brand of the Week

For this Brand of the Week, we reached for some natural energy with the 100% natural organic energy drink EnerBee, a Miami-based company that seeks to give athletes and young professionals alike a jolt without the harmful and artificial ingredients energy drinks tend to carry with them. Their honeybee alliance donates a portion of sales towards efforts in supporting the honeybee population. Our team got our hands on their cans and tried two of their flavors. Below are our thoughts on their packaging and marketing strategy.

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“The EnerBee design and packaging definitely feels at home on the shelf next to traditional energy drinks. However with the heavy organic focus of EnerBee’s ingredients, as well as their alignment with the HoneyBee Alliance, their design and packaging could be updated to reflect the all-natural ingredients in the product. A balance between the energetic sports and lifestyle aspect of the brand, the organic ingredients, and the aspect of giving back and supporting the honeybee population could really set Enerbee apart from their competitors.” – Andy

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“EnerBee is in a unique space because they cross over between intense energy drinks and healthy, organic options. Because of this, the brand must decide what their brand platform and overall story will be. Their packaging suggests they are a Monster or Red Bull competitor, while their website and ingredients tell a different, more uplifting story. There is an opportunity to clarify their stance in the marketplace through packaging and partnerships—whether they soften their identity or build relationships through bee conservation groups. It’s important for EnerBee to decide this narrative so their overall strategy aligns with their product and resonates with their consumers.” –Hannah

“As an energy drink, EnerBee has a lot of opportunity to promote themselves as a niche sports performance drink for health-minded individuals. The brand could benefit more from the influencer and sponsorship space, partnering with events, athletes and high-profile extreme sports professionals to reach their community. When proceeding into this space, it is important for the relationships to be as authentic as possible, as that will drive the most valuable engagement. In addition, the brand could explore retail opportunities such as outdoor shops and centers where a large portion of their target market spends their time.” –Jaclynn

“When searching for this product in a Florida Whole Foods, it took some searching the shelves in order to find EnerBee. The placement was either very high or very low, making it hard for consumers to pick the product up without prior intent. On the shelf, the packaging also blends in and could be more distinguishable from its competitors. Investing more in shelf placement will raise awareness and increase interaction with EnerBee’s products—bold and directive signage could attract consumers’ eyes to their cans. An in-store sampling is another great way to introduce EnerBee to the public and direct them to its shelf location ” -Caroline

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