Ask OE

Using Video to Connect with Our Community

In an effort to better connect with our followers and provide insights from our team, we recently kicked off our new Ask OE video series. These videos are meant to field questions and transform them into an informative video answer given by one of our experts at Orange Element. From design tips to digital marketing advice, they are meant to create educational touch points with everyone.

Our first video features designer Kendall, where she answered the question: is good design something you’re born with?

Some other videos from our team include: Andy sharing his tactics to get over creative block, Hannah providing insights into a social media strategy, and Caroline sharing what it means to develop long-lasting client relationships.

Our goal with the Ask OE videos is to deliver thorough answers to questions that could potentially hold our viewers back from finishing their next creative project. These videos continue to connect with our followers on a much more personal basis, understanding what their needs are directly, and showing the team behind the work. “Ask OE is important because it lets our clients and followers get to know us more on a personal level,” Demi, our graphic design intern, said. “Each member of Orange Element brings something unique to the team and Ask OE is an outlet for their personal ideas.”

There’s also an internal benefit with our Ask OE series: it allows us to learn from each other. We can listen and learn from our peers in different roles and use this to enrich our current positions. We believe this type of collaboration helps new ideas take shape. “The Ask OE series is a cool opportunity to hear about other aspects of the industry that I wouldn’t necessarily learn about,” designer Kendall said. “Even though our goal is to put our own insight out there, it’s been interesting to learn from Hannah, Caroline and the other team members who don’t have the same job as me.”

If you have any questions that you would like the OE team to answer, please submit them to—it could be featured in our next video!