An Interview with Our Interns

Our two newest interns at Orange Element (Zoe, our Animation Intern, and Jaclynn, our Content Marketing Intern) interview each other to learn more about their backgrounds, goals and inspiration.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what are you studying?
Zoe: I am originally from Howard County, Maryland—specifically Bel Air. I currently go to MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) for animation and I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s degree this May.

Jaclynn: I am from Calvert County, Maryland. For undergrad I went to school in South Carolina, and now I am studying at Towson University for my Master’s in Marketing Intelligence. I will be graduating Summer 2018.

What drew you to your field of interest?
Zoe: I have always been fascinated by magic growing up. To me animation is just like magic because it has the ability to bring art to life.

Jaclynn: I love a good story. Stories give brands their meaning or purpose and a clear differentiation in the market. Marketers are essentially storytellers. They have the ability to tell the brand’s story though a variety of channels.

What is a day in the life of an OE intern like?
Zoe: I’m either creating new animations, editing and tweaking them or searching Pinterest for inspiration on new animation ideas. (Check out her animation in this post below!)

Jaclynn: Every day is different! I usually begin by looking over our Google Analytics data and social accounts. From there I am doing anything from writing blog posts to creating digital ads.

What are some of your interests outside of work?
Zoe: I like going to concerts, I try to go to at least one a month. An artist I would really like to see is Lorde. I also enjoy going out to eat and trying new foods. One place in Baltimore that I often frequent is the Food Market in Hampden.

Jaclynn: I enjoy reading and snowboarding. I usually go for a good novel or self- development book. I believe it is so important to reflect on yourself and constantly seek ways to improve and advance whether it be professionally or personally.

What skills would you like to enhance in 2018?
Zoe: I currently work mainly with 2D animation, so I would like to explore more 3D animation in the future. Currently I have been experimenting with cut paper. (You can check out some of Zoe’s awesome work here).

Jaclynn: I would like to increase my proficiency in the statistical software R with Data Mining techniques. R is a great tool for statistical and graphical techniques that help model data and integrate analytics.

Now it’s time for the Speed Question round. What’s your favorite:

Z: Spaghetti and Meatballs
J: Tacos with heaps of guacamole.

Z: Kobu and the 2 Strings; knowing that is all handmade is really beautiful.
J: Lion

Z: Lemonade
J: Lattes; I am trying to master the skill of latte art.

Z: Fall
J: Summer

Z: Pink
J: Blue

Z: Right now it’s Give It Up by Goldensuns.
J: Anything by the artist Milky Chance.

Z: The Harry Potter series (specifically Goblet of Fire)
J: Right now it’s Pachinko

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