Introducing Neal Shaffer – Communications Director

December 16, 2011  |  Elements

Orange Element is very pleased to welcome Neal Shaffer, formerly principal and founder of Slant Six Creative, to our growing team. As Communications Director, Neal will be working closely with our clients and our team to help shape many of our largest brands. Additionally, he’ll be active with Orange Element’s brand growth, and don’t be surprised to see him more often in the Community as he continues to develop creative outlet opportunities to add to the Baltimore landscape.

Neal is no stranger to Orange – we’ve worked with him on many projects for the past two years. The fit is natural and we’re already reaping the rewards of a more complete team. Already, he’s helped to produce a series of new commercials, radio spots, and messaging for a national brand book. 2012 proves to bring more opportunity and creativity to Orange.

Prior to joining Orange Element, Neal was the managing editor for BMore Media, where he managed editorial calendars, assignments and editing stories. He also spent time in business communications and client relations, helping support both a family business and many advertising and marketing firms around town.

Neal is also a co-organizer for the Baltimore Chapter of Ignite, currently entering it’s fourth consecutive year of successful growth and creativity.

He is also big on writing comic books. Perhaps we need one for Orange Element!

Welcome Neal!