Scavenger Hunt

September 9, 2011  |  Baltimore

Next weekend is the 2nd Annual Annapolis Diamond Dash! Couples race around the city on a scavenger hunt, with the help of clues sent to their mobile phone. Teams go from location to location and win points.The best team wins…a $20,000 Martin Flyer diamond ring!

Since Annapolis isn’t all that familiar to me, it got me thinking what the spots in Baltimore would be if we were to create a scavenger hunt. Each team would need a photo taken per location. The team with the most photos in the quickest time would win! I know some adventures like this have been held in the past, so without looking at lists, here is what I would put:

1. Fort McHenry
2. Natty Boh Tower in Brewer’s Hill
3. Water Taxi ride
4. Observation Deck at the World Trade Center
5. U.S.S. Constellation
6. The stacks at the old Power Plant
7. The National Aquarium in Baltimore
8. Washington Monument in Mt. Vernon
9. The Pagoda at Patterson Park
10. Edgar Allen Poe’s grave
11. Johns Hopkins Hospital and/or University
12. Oriole Park at Camden Yards & M&T Bank Stadium Ravens Stadium
13. Domino Sugar factory
14. Cafe Hon with the giant flamingo
15. Orange Element’s store front!

HERE IS YOUR CHALLENGE BALTIMORE!! The first set of photos in my inbox containing photos with you (with or without a team mate) at 5 out of the 15 locations – will win Orange Element swag, including an unreleased OE poster.

And…. GO!!

For more information on the Diamond Dash, visit