Product Packaging Design

November 6, 2008  |  Branding

Yesterday we met with a company that manufacturs a great consumer product that you'd find in a grocery store to talk about working with them on some brand and marketing initiatives.

As such, we've been thinking about product brands and product packaging a whole lot over the past few days. It seemed only appropriate to highlight a product brand that I feel is doing it right. Check out the brand and label for Lazarus Wine:

I love this execution for a number of reasons. First, it's unique—In a liquor store there are literally thousands of choices. Wines with unique labels typically have a much better chance of being selected. I also really like this packaging design because it reinforces the Lazarus brand's chief distinction, which is that it is made by blind people.

The designers in this case have dramatized this distinction by using braille on the labels. Brilliant—because being different and communicating a distinction both matter. This product will sell, sell, sell.