Nikes Inspired By ______ .

July 17, 2008  |  Technology

Nike, one of my own personal favorite brands, has recently taken shoe customization to a whole new level with their Nike PhotoiD application. This application allows users to take a photo of their environment with their cell phone camera and send it to Nike. Nike then analyzes your photo to choose the corresponding color scheme for your new pair of shoes and sends it right back to your phone where you can then save it as your wallpaper OR (now this is the cool part) they'll send you a code where you can go online and purchase what you've created.

Above all I love that this is one of the first applications (that I'm aware of) that integrates the offline, mobile and online user experiences. I believe this kind of technology will eventually spread to all facets of life.

Can you imagine being able to take a picture of a car you like with your cell phone and being able to order one exactly like it? Sweet.

Via Brandflakes.